Oct. 31st 2019 12:45AM

I've always had a sort of knack for getting sentimental about stupid shit no one cares about. I feel like I always want to go back to the old days where I could just hang out with my friends and do whatever we pleased without a care in the world. Maybe it's just because we've all grown up by now, gotten cars, jobs and stuff to look forward to in the morning. We don't really have the time anymore to just get off our asses and just do whatever. But why do I cling to the past? I still don't know. Is it because I have nothing else to keep me going? Is it because of a dissatisfaction of my life? Who can tell. I've only been a fully fledged adult for maybe 4 months at this point, but hope everything turns out okay. This might be the last time I update this website of mine. Since I love getting sentimental about shit, here's some screenshots of our Minecraft server, taken about 10 minutes before I started writing this garbage blogpost.

We were always really proud of this little town, though it never really grew to the size of a city. I don't know when I'll ever boot up the server again, but I hope we do play again.

my house, with "Friend A"'s castle in the background.

The castle, with bridge in view.

Our "guardtower", self explanatory.

Friend B's house, Friend C's house in the background

Some extra overhead views.

Strickland Propane niggas OpenRCT2 server 06/21/2018

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